Sunday, June 29, 2008

Update: Nearly July

Hello all, Evita here. Just wanted to note that:

1. Senor Allende is the only one who has written anything for a while.

2. I will be writing something soon. If you have suggestions on a topic, please do send them along.

3. Have a great summer

That is all.


Salvador Allende said...

I wonder who made the polls... ?

Anonymous said...

this really isn't that surprising of a blog. And isn't it winter in Southern hemisphere right now?

Rabbit-man said...

It takes a little while to load for some reason, so be patient.

I just put the smack-down on you anonymous!

Salvador Allende said...

I am marking you down as the enemy of the people

Salvador Allende said...

anonymous that is... not rabbit man, the model citizen

Rabbit-man said...

So it looks like Thomas Jefferson #3 has won the poll. But Thomas Jefferson numbers 1, 2, and 4 lost the poll, meaning that Thomas Jefferson lost the title of most epic person in the history of history more than he won it. Meaning that he can't be most epic person in the history of history.

I'll chalk that up as another victory for Lincoln.

Salvador Allende said...

I second that.
Besides, the man has a cooler monument dedicated to him