Sunday, May 18, 2008

Why we must not dislike the People’s Republic of China, BUT HATE, DESPISE, AND ABHOR THE BASTARDS

Whatever acclaims China received for its contribution to civilization millenniums ago has been completely obliterated by its barbarous acts today. In showing sympathy to the victims of the earthquake, one must not forget that we should be crossing our fingers for the imminent collapse of the People’s Republic.

It stands as a lasting pain in my side to see Beijing go unpunished after what they had done to one of the greatest acts of civil disobedience, paralleling Gandhi’s salt march and the student movements of 1968. Tiananmen Square must be forever remembered when we watch the gleeful bastards of the Chinese communist party welcoming the Olympic torch to Beijing. Hiding behind their façade of economic development is the odious reality of worker’s abuse (even those in the state sector), largest detainment of political prisoners in the world, greatest number of executions in the world, inhumane and repressive measures upon the rural peasantry, forced abortions, etc etc etc. The Chinese government has shown a complete disregard for human life and dignity.

While certain repressions in the name of economic development in the past saw productive growth in both economic and civil liberties (like in post-1973 Chile where it was economically stable and the people voted in a referendum to remove Pinochet) China despite having incredible economic growth saw an even more incredible and highly disturbing descent of civil liberties.

The Chinese government is reprehensible and the athletes competing in the Beijing Olympics must recognize that their representation bolsters the legitimacy of human rights violators. Athletes must take responsibility for their symbolic role in the global community and show support for justice grounded in the preservation of life not the absurdity practiced by the Chinese government.

However, it is not enough to decapitate the government, its people must act in accordance to what they started in the Tiananmen Square. While the events at Tiananmen Square continues to inspire else where around the world, the Chinese themselves are forgetting their place in the humane world. The toy recall scandal and unsanitary food packaging methods are obviously the tip of the iceberg and this constant desire to cheat the world is driving our patience thin. A nation of people who do not practice its own philosophy of compassion and human care does not deserve to be recognized as equals. I am especially pissed at the Chinese students in Seoul who attacked an elderly Korean man for speaking his mind in support of freedom and justice. Those ungrateful reactionary idiots that piss on the legacy of Tiananmen Square should be ashamed. SHAME, POPPY SHAME, YOU FOOLS THAT WAVE YOUR CHINESE FLAGS AND ACT LIKE CLOWN FOR THE PEOPLE THAT WANT TO TURN YOU INTO SUBMISSIVE PEONS!!!

Regardless, the first step is to cut off the head of the beast and put in on display. The best part is that the United States or any major power in the world does not have to obliterate the farce of the armed force that is the People’s Liberation Army, but watch the country disintegrate from within. I applaud the incompetence that will hinder the preparation of the Olympic infrastructure, the Free Tibet supporters throughout the world, Xinjiang insurgents that are doing their best to derail the whole process, and the rural Chinese peasants who are tired of dealing with all the shit and are surging against the Chinese government.

I encourage the Olympic athletes not to refuse the competition, but rather follow in the footsteps of Tommie Smith and John Carlos from the 1968 Olympics who raised their fists and saluted the world as dignified people acting with a conscience. Support Tibetans in their struggle to rid themselves of their oppressors, for the summer of 2008 is a stage for athletes who have the opportunity to inspire the world with not only their physical stamina, but their courage and conscience. China is undoubtedly, blatantly using the Olympics as a political tool and must be beaten. I will cheer on the athletes of the world who will crush their Chinese competitors and humiliate the communist party. The stage is almost set, let us enjoy the beginning of the end of the People’s Republic of China!


C.S. Lewis said...

This is the first good thing I heard coming out of... what the hell happened to Berlin and what is this communist doing here?

Rabbit-man said...

Yes keep on writing good things fearless leader. We wouldn't want people to be disappointed... Also what's up with the identity crisis?

Anonymous said...

some one sure is grumpy.

Anonymous said...

Yeah and they keep copying stuff. Like that disneyland, and pz3 and vii.

Rabbit-man said...

Ok anonymous get a freaking blogger account alright, and don't forget about the xgame 360.

At least the vii kinda sorta was like the wii (it can hook up to a tv, and the viimote can register movement, also they are both powered by the captured souls of dead orphans). The pz3 and xgame 360, and all those other crappy games didn't even hook up toa tv.

Anonymous said...

Only assholes get blogger account

José Carlos Mariátegui said...

God damn it anonymous, I will take you down if it takes the lives of every single Andean insurgent

Rabbit-man said...

Hey what happened to vicious dreamer anyway?

Did PETA finally capture and sacrifice him to their animal god or something?

Darn PETA.

Speaking of PETA did you all hear about the guy who shot and killed his girlfriend's dog with a bow and arrow after getting drunk?

Salvador Allende said...

blah blah blah

Rabbit-man said...

Good sir!

Is this triplicate of blahs directed towards me.

I will have you know that shooting a dog while inebriated with naught more than a bow and arrow is quite the accomplishment, and deserves cries of Hurrahs and Huzzahs not these common blahs that you spew out.

Also who are you?

Rabbit-man said...

I am adding a double post here in an effort to be on-topic for once in my life, also I say the following while noting that I am no expert in foreign affairs.

Imagine if something like this happened with people who weren't shameless money grubbing whores right around the olympics. Imagnine the reaction if cameras captured the chinese destroying some little old lady's house so they can build a five star hotel in it's place. Hell imagine the economic blow rebuilding most of the cities is having on the Chinese. I say this while noting my earlier disclaimer: things are surely going to backfire on the government even more in the future

In addition to that we already have the controversy over the atheletes who do not want to compete in the Olympics due to the heavy pollution in China.

Everybody is already in a China hating mood due to the Chinese tendency to feed delicious lead paint to innocent children. Maybe these Olympic games will be just the catalyst needed to refine all that pent up resentment about China into rage then into some sort of effective action against them. I mean it's not like this is the winter olympics, people actually care about the summer olympics.