Sunday, March 30, 2008


This may be a little old, or obvious to everyone but me, but I’d like to possibly contribute something of worth to this blog, so here is a topic we could discuss in these here comments section. Some people view the increased rivalry between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama as a sign that the democratic party is imploding, is this assumption true?
There could be an unforeseen benefit to this, namely that Clinton and Obama are doing so much to dig up dirt on each other that the republicans will have trouble coming up with slander against whichever one prevails. We all know that the American public has a relatively short memory of current events, so when Mccain brings up about how Obama’s pastor is crazy, or how Hillary Clinton has a tendency to forget whether or not she was shot at, people will say “That’s old, we want something new and sexy!”
What do you think audience? Could this be a blessing in disguise to the Democrats? Is this point that I made hugely obvious, and am I waisting your time here? Discuss friends! Discuss!

Also big news apparently Oliver Stone is making a movie about George W Bush called "W". Here is the cast list

HAH funny the guy who is playing Bush is the evil doctor from Planet Terror. : )
Everybody vote for Chuck Norris to play Dick Cheney at that link, that will make "W" ten times more badass.


Anonymous said...

Rabbit-man's right? We all just need to get laid!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry those punctuation marks should be reversed.

Isaiah Berlin said...

Isn't mud racking, the second oldest human profession, possibly competing with the first?

Have things really changed Rabbit man?

Mr. Mystical said...

Oh I get it we are talking about prostitution. Well if you are to listen to Col. Hunter Gathers you would believe that "The minute god crapped out a third caveman a conspiracy was hatched against one of them". I don't think I quoted that accurately, but I don't give a flying fuck one way or the other.

Mr. Mystical said...

I think my point was No, things haven't changed.

WHy is there a freaking word verification!!!?!??!?!