Monday, July 21, 2008

The Only News You Need to Know

Ok I think I understand how blogs work now, they are really just supposed to be a bunch of random links with maybe some musings on them. So until one of the other writers for this blog posts something, I may keep up this crap. That's a threat and a promise yo!

First off, apparently the Chinese have invented a net-cannon to capture renegade protesters! Yes a net cannon, a Scooby-Doo-level net cannon! Who would have thought that China would be the first to not only invent a working net cannon, but actually find use for one? Apparently the police force using these net-cannons will be riding around on Segways like Gob from Arrested Development! The comedic potential is endless! Hopefully somebody will piss off the police in front of a camera at the olympics so we can see this net-cannon in action!
Shenanigans will surely ensue, this summer at the Olympics, on NBC!!!!!

Apparently some of you did not heed my advice, and Mamma Mia made 27 million dollars this weekend!!! Yep that's right dollars not pesos, not rubles, not any other fake currency, cold hard American Dollars... DO YOU PEOPLE EVEN RECALL MY THREAT?!?! That's right I said I would hunt you down and cut you if you watched Mamma Mia, AND YOU GO OUT AND WATCH IT ANYWAY?!? What the hell America? WHAT! THE!! HELL!!!

On a side note, apparently even more of you watched the Dark Knight, so good for you! Maybe I'll put away my cutting knife, since you did listen to at least half of what I said.

And Finally the new Watchmen Trailer premiered this weekend, leading everyone to ask "Will Dr. Manhattan be naked like he was in the comics?" I mean that dude did not know the meaning of shame he was just running around practically the entire time without any pants on, like so much anatomically correct Bugs Bunny.

Oh and on the watchmen subject... Tales of the Black Freighter (Which was in the watchmen comic as a story within a story, similar to Hamlet's The Murder of Gonzago), about the guy who had to make a boat out of dead bodies in order to sail back home after being stranded on an island, will be made into an animated movie to premiere alongside the theatrical release of Watchmen. Did this really need to happen, because when I read the watchmen comic I just skipped over that part, it was totally gross!!

Oh and then there is this headline, it's really old, but what the hell? Apparently some doctors are worried that kids will identify with a villain that smokes in the Incredible Hulk movie. What about Cruella De Ville from 101 Dalmations? She smoked, and my generation seems to have survived relatively unscathed. I may not be a doctor or a psychologist, but I'm smart enough to realize that kids who identify with, and mimic the actions of the villains in dumb action movies like the Incredible Hulk, probably weren't going to find the cure for cancer anyways. So let 'em smoke. We will all be better off. Trust me.

Crap now I sound like Hitler.

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